Firewall & Router Support

When your business has an IT infrastructure but lacks tech staff and resources, it’s left open to security risks and inefficiencies that lead to downtime and financial losses. For instance, without enough IT support, your network is vulnerable to unauthorized access, which could lead to data theft. Moreover, problems with your router could lead to crashes, dropped connections, and address restrictions, impeding your team’s productivity and output.

The Firewall & Router Support offered by Biztec mitigates the risks and vulnerabilities, ensuring no disruptions to workflow and heightened security that protects your company from cyber crimes.

What We Do

Limiting Network Access

Whether it’s a sneaky hacker with malicious intentions or a jilted ex-employee looking to trade company secrets, there’s a chance that unwanted parties might access your network.

Your business cannot afford to be reactive to these risks. Cybercriminals are the most skilled they’ve ever been, and you need to layer your security. Biztec’s Firewall Support provides a robust, proactive security layer that ensures only the appropriate, verified parties access your network.

Preventing Network Crashes

Network crashes cost your company hours of productivity.

Through Biztec’s Router Support, the chances for network crashes are vastly limited. You’ll have a team offering you 24/7 support to ensure the seamless functionality of your network. Your team will always remain online, so they can always focus on the task at hand.

Reliable Connections

Nothing is more frustrating and momentum-stifling than a dropped connection when mid-task or mid-project. With all the maintenance and monitoring Biztec’s Router Support team offers your organization, your connections will remain fast, reliable, and online. Nothing will stifle your momentum, and all work can be completed without needless disruptions.

Access The Websites You Need

The internet is a vast space filled with the necessary information you and your team could use at any given time. Address restrictions can get in the way and interrupt your progress and research. Biztec’s Firewall & Router Support means you and your team members will always access the addresses you need to complete your core tasks.

Heightened Focus On Your Core Functions

Firewall & Router Support requires constant monitoring, but it’s not necessarily a core task you or your team members should focus on. Internally, you and your people should focus on growth-related tasks–even if you have an in-house IT team. Biztec manages these issues so you can prioritize what’s most important to your company’s long-term goals.

Benefit From Remote Services

Firewall or Router issues are dealt with instantaneously from our remote location, limiting downtime. You won’t need to wait for one of our team members to arrive at your office to solve your problem.

Firewall & Router Support

Firewall & Router Support Are Crucial Components Of The Biztec Package

On their own, our Firewall & Support services offer your company substantial benefits. However, you’ll reap more of a return on your investment by learning about our Managed & Supplemental IT services.

5 Tiers. One Result.

Biztec employs a 5-tiered approach to deliver your business one specific result: optimal efficiency.