Remote Monitoring & Management


Biztec’s remote monitoring and management services ensure reduced downtime, heightened security response, and that IT systems are constantly up and running at their peak. We provide enterprise-level remote manage it services and IT support to small businesses on a budget.

A partnership with us as a managed services provider results in heightened productivity and improved worker satisfaction because everybody will  perform better and contribute more during the workday.

What We Do

Maintain Client Systems

As a managed services provider, our 24/7/365 monitoring involves remote managed services and continual maintenance to ensure your IT systems are running without any inefficiencies muddying the works. Moreover, our remote maintenance services, as a managed service provider, with  remote monitoring software catch minor red flags before they become network-wide disasters.

Track And Resolve Issues Remotely

Since we continuously monitor your system,we can immediately take action on any issue that rears its ugly head.

As our services are remote, you don’t need to helplessly wait for IT support to arrive at your office during sustained downtime. Instead, our remote IT management team will get to work instantaneously and have everything running ship-shape ASAP.

Administer Patches

You have a busy enough time during the day dealing with your core business functions to remember all the necessary security updates. With Biztec, you have a remote team at your disposal, ready to administer these patches when needed.

This advantage leads to bolstered security and heightened peace of mind knowing your company data and finances are safe and secure.

Install Software Updates

Not all software updates are security-related and can revolve around your IT system performance. Unlike other managed service providers, we typically utilize enterprise-grade solutions that bolster the efficiency of your network and keep your operations running smoothly every day.

Automate Scheduled Maintenance

While our remote team will take measures to maintain your system manually, as a managed service provider, we fortify our approach with automated scheduled maintenance. This way, no stone is left unturned in your IT system, ensuring peak efficiency that’s automatic–not just a pipedream.

Remote Management System

Remote Professional IT Services & Technology Consulting

Through Biztec’s remote monitoring & management services, you partner with a team committed to delivering high-level, long-term results that grow your business.

We go above and beyond providing a service and clocking out. Instead, we’re working with you. We consult your leadership team to offer the solutions that generate the most desirable return on your tech investment.

Network Support

Remote Management System

With Our Fully Connected System, You Can Dedicate Yourself To Your Business.

Biztec’s remote management system is comprehensive and manages all components of your IT needs. We ensure your IT framework remains the backbone of your operations without ever weighing on your mind or disrupting your day-to-day tasks. This way, you can focus on the core functions of your business–such as branding, sales, and growth. 

5 Spheres. One Mission

These 5 core goals contribute to our main mission–ensuring your business has high-quality IT solutions whenever needed. More specifically, we’ll keep your business online and efficient 24/7/365.