Implement Microsoft Azure & Office 365 Into Your IT Infrastructure

Microsoft Azure helps businesses like yours overcome challenges and achieve goals. It’s a Cloud-based service and a highly flexible IT solution that allows you to build, implement, and run applications as needed.

Office 365 is also Cloud-based, functioning as a productivity tool-suite, containing software such as Exchange, Word, SharePoint, Excel, Teams, and more. This application’s Cloud capabilities mean you and your team can access a full-featured experience from anywhere on any online device.

Biztec helps you run these crucial pieces of customizable tech at peak efficiency if you utilize a Microsoft-managed data center infrastructure.

What We Do

Leverage The Active Directory

By combining Microsoft Azure & Office 365, your company can access a comprehensive identity management solution. 365’s productivity and collaborative capabilities meld with the Azure Active Directory’s security features and single sign-on functionality. In turn, your team members experience multiple benefits, such as enhanced security due to centralized control and a unified user experience across all apps.

Biztec takes care of implementation and management, so your team only needs to worry about using their IT tools to their maximum potential.

Impenetrable Cloud Storage

With Biztec implementing and managing Office 365, you and your team can rest easy knowing it’s a fully secured environment. The robust security measures within this program include two-factor authentication to keep unauthorized parties from gaining access to files. There’s also threat detection and anti-malware in play, identifying and halting security threats as soon as–or even before–they arise.

On-Demand Scalability

A Biztec partnership means your users can enjoy access to Microsoft Azure’s flexibility. In other words, the application molds itself to your business’s always-shifting landscape. We help you leverage these versatile features, which offer manual and automatic scaling that adjusts based on application usage demands.

Since Azure lets you shift service plans in line with your needs, you’ll enjoy the same level of app performance despite any user influx.

Limit Unnecessary Spending

Given the scalability and as-needed capabilities of Azure and Office 365, you’re only paying for what you use. There won’t be any dead financial weight in your IT infrastructure.

Streamlined Communication

Office 365 offers many communication tools with vast capabilities. For instance, Skype for Business lets you hold conference calls with anyone, anywhere in the world, bolstering collaboration and harmony.

Mitigated Downtime

The Cloud capabilities of these services mean they run smoothly without any speed issues. More to the point, Biztec monitors app performance, flagging potential problems and fixing them before they can slow you down or take you offline.

Microsoft Azure & Office 365

Microsoft Azure & Office 365 Lay A Solid Foundation For Our Managed IT Services

By helping your business implement and leverage Cloud-based apps like Microsoft Azure & Office 365, Biztec lays a sturdy foundation for your Managed IT infrastructure.

5 Crucial Pieces Create Our 1 Big Picture

There are 5 puzzle pieces we fit together to create our 1 big picture: increasing your company’s efficiency through a high-performing IT infrastructure.