In 2022, all businesses need their various IT facets to operate seamlessly, like most people need oxygen to stay alive. 

Technologies keep getting more complex, and today’s consumer demands for speed and efficiency call for most companies to remain on the cutting edge for fear of getting left behind.   

These are murky waters to navigate for many businesses. While IT is an integral nut and bolt to running things smoothly, it’s not your core focus… unless your company is rooted in IT. Therefore, you can’t let your IT department become a constant focal point.

Some might even argue the best type of IT is ubiquitous but silent. You don’t know it’s there, but it’s always present, helping your team reach peak performance. 

As your IT needs grow, it becomes increasingly difficult to keep in the background quietly acting as the glue that holds your company together. 

When organizational requirements escalate, the strain on the entire system turns up the volume of your IT department, so to speak. It’ll get loud enough to give you a headache without effective management services because your business is outgrowing your IT capabilities.

Rises in business scale and demands call for many organizations to require more than an in-house IT employee or department can offer. That’s not a knock on any internal talents. They’re only humans, and today’s IT workloads could overstretch your most efficient team members, leaving you vulnerable to many business-related risks.

So, where are you to turn? What–or who–can offer comprehensive IT project management that removes your in-house burden? Hence a managed it services provider in VA comes to mind. 

One of the most impactful and dynamic approaches to streamlining your IT needs and workload is partnering with a managed service provider like us and leveraging our managed IT services in West Virginia. 



What Are Managed IT Services?

So, what can you expect from our managed IT services in Parkersburg?

We are not just talking about cloud services, vendor management and consulting services for business success.

In a nutshell, managed IT services involve your organization outsourcing IT tasks to subscription services or a contracted vendor in a timely manner. 

With that said, here are the possibilities of our managed IT services in West Virginia:

  • Lightening your in-house IT specialists team’s workload
  • Augmenting teams that can’t keep up with IT demands
  • Entirely replacing in-house teams (if necessary)

Flexibility is a key feature of our offerings. Whether you need full-throttled, comprehensive managed IT services in West Virginia or just a little bit of help, we’ve got you covered. 

As your managed services provider, we offer coverage of all IT duties 24 hours per day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year. Furthermore, you’ll have access to our vast knowledge base and specialized expertise. 

Some examples of managed IT services are:

  • Managed video conferencing solutions
  • Managed collaboration tools
  • Server maintenance
  • Cloud-based storage
  • Virtual machine management
  • Cybersecurity
  • Remote monitoring of networks
  • Remote management of networks

Typically, our managed IT services in Parkersburg will boost your IT efficiency, bolster your uptime management, and decrease in-house overhead. 

Our Managed IT Services in West Virginia Offer Heightened Security and Compliance

In 2022, the most substantial concern for global companies is cyber-related perils.

Think about that for a second. Businesses are more concerned about network security and communication system, ransomware attacks and related IT outages than pandemic or supply chain disruptions. That tells you how clear and present these dangers are. 

Even more challenging is that today’s advanced cybercriminals can breach 93% of company networks. Beyond that, there’s a direct link between the advent of remote work technologies and cybersecurity attacks.

Between operating systems, laptops, tablets, smartphones, and other technologies holding, data backup and dispersing data, the number of devices used by your organization alone is cause for concern. This sheer abundance of technology creates more opportunities for attacks that businesses simply can’t afford. After all, the average cyber breach costs companies $133,000.

On top of the dollar amounts at risk, there’s also severe reputational damage that comes with cyber breaches.

Our managed IT services in West Virginia minimize those security risks. Provided your system is subject to a cyberattack, our 24/7 availability ensures immediate action and resolutions, minimizing potential damage. 

Also, no matter your company’s industry, there are a variety of compliance measures and regulations specific to the sector. Our managed IT services in Parkersburg will aid in establishing improved procedures, policies, and protocols, guaranteeing the utmost compliance. 


Our Managed IT Services in West Virginia Streamline and Stabilize Your IT Operations

Given the 86% of survey respondents citing the challenging nature of finding skilled tech talent, your organization wouldn’t be alone in struggling to maintain efficient IT operations. 

The top tech talent is passively looking for work. These high-tier professionals already have lucrative roles, and it’ll take a pretty penny to lure them away. To that point,  IT careers belong to one of the highest paying sectors in the current economy.

More specifically, there’s a median $86,320 salary for today’s computer and information technology occupations. 

That’s a substantial financial load to bear for any company, even with an in-house IT team. As your tech demands grow, your people need help to keep up.

In the absence of the necessary assistance, operational hiccups and unreliability are all but guaranteed in your tech, overburdening your in-house IT team.  

Our managed IT services in West Virginia streamline those operations because our talent is top tier. Collaborating with us means you’ll have access to high-level tech experts who are on top of the latest best practices, trends, and innovations.

Undoubtedly, your in-house team is integral to your company’s success. Still, augmenting your IT tasks and allowing us to support your tech staff will supercharge their performance. 

A partnership with us means we’ll resolve incidents before they can bog down your in-house team. Even better, we’ll introduce the most updated tech and state-of-the-art solutions, maximizing profitability, uptime, and productivity. 

The technologies we bring to the table are:

  • Cloud computing
  • Backup
  • Disaster recovery
  • Remote monitoring
  • Remote Management

Investing in our services is an investment in a stable, reliable IT infrastructure. 

You’ve already learned plenty about our offerings. So, if you require comprehensive managed IT services in West Virginia, contact us today. We’d love to share an in-depth discussion about your technological needs and how we can fit into your big-picture business model. 

Do you still want to learn a bit more before reaching out? Then read on as we further detail what our managed IT services in Parkersburg can do for your organization. 

Our Managed IT Services in West Virginia Offer a High Return on Investment

Go back to 2016, and you’ll see that obsolete tech cost businesses $1.8 billion due to productivity loss. You can assume that number has only escalated over the years along with consumer demands.

The tech your organization uses costs a lot of money to maintain and service, even if it’s outdated. Plus, behind-the-times software is a financial drain, clogging up workflows with rampant inefficiencies. 

In other words, you’re paying tons of cash for something that’s losing you money. 

Our managed IT services in Parkersburg offer the latest and greatest software and tech-related innovations to your business. Your company can avoid forking over the severe upfront cost of buying these products yourselves while leveraging their productivity and efficiency-related benefits. 

There are also network infrastructure and hardware costs at play, adding to your tech budget and calling for strategic spending focused on ROIs. Due to our sure-handed guidance and highly specified expertise, your business will get the most value from these complex IT facets.

Additionally, the breadth of our services offers flexibility and scalability beyond the grasp of an in-house team left to its own devices. 

Furthermore, our outside specialist perspective offers valuable insights into strategic expense projections, allowing you to purposefully plan for more expansive projects.

Our Managed IT Services in West Virginia Catch Issues Before They Become Issues

200 North American and European companies were surveyed about their losses caused by IT outages. On average, smaller companies reported $55,000 in lost revenues, while medium-sized businesses spoke to losing $91,000 and large organizations lost $1 million.

Procuring our managed IT services in West Virginia means you’ll have a team always monitoring network connection speed and dependability. Our talented, passionate group of tech experts keeps a watchful eye on threats, vulnerabilities, and disturbances around the clock.

Your organization won’t even know when bugs or snafus rear their ugly head because they’ll be fixed so promptly.

Plus, our managed IT services in Parkersburg give you access to encrypted backups, virtualization, and cloud computing. This way, you don’t need to stress over losing your precious data.

There’s already enough going on in your day-to-day operations to expend energy and resources over these issues. We’re at a point in history where IT should be something you don’t need to think much about as a business leader. This luxury is provided by our managed IT services in West Virginia.

Our Managed IT Services in West Virginia Helps Your In-House IT Team Perform at Their Best

Part of the advantage of having your own in-house IT team is that they’re immersed in your culture. They can play a pivotal role in company initiatives and add their unique skillset and insights, contributing to the most valuable, innovative outcomes.

Unfortunately, when your IT team has to split their time completing broader tasks and more company-specific work, they’ll get spread too thin. They won’t be able to focus on your organization’s specific needs. You don’t want your internal talents getting caught up in more mechanical, general IT aspects that distract them from the big picture. 

For instance, your IT team shouldn’t migrate your systems to Microsoft Office 365. Our managed IT services in West Virginia can handle the migration quickly and efficiently so that your in-house people can focus on what’s most valuable to your organization.

Our Managed IT Services in West Virginia Bring Your Company Versatile Solutions

There’s software for almost every organizational need in today’s business setting that can enhance your operations, drive profitability, save money, or increase revenue. Two examples that immediately spring to mind are customer relationship management (CRM) software and accounting software solutions.

Through our managed IT services in West Virginia, you can access accounting software that tracks transactions, automating your organizational processes. This addition offers a massive boon to productivity.

To the above point, 73% of IT leaders claim that automation has saved employees up to 50% of the time they once spent performing manual tasks. Additionally, 85% of organizational leaders think that automation allows their employees to better hone into higher value goals to the business. 

Moreover, the automated accounting software we offer allows your company to safely and easily monitor financial information, taxes, and vendors, meshing with your organizational needs. 

Our managed IT services in West Virginia also offer CRM software that offers improved visibility by offering campaigns, notes, and surveys. When used properly, the average ROI for CRM software is $8.71 per dollar spent. 

Successfully leveraging a CRM means your company is bolstered by secure data control systems that streamline business management tasks and customer information.

Our Managed IT Services in West Virginia Optimize Scalability

There’s no accounting for the speed at which your technology needs will evolve. Regardless, no matter your business’s size and status, it’s vital to have the freedom to scale up and down to accommodate its ever-shifting IT demands. 

While technology like Dynamics 365 is built with scalability top of mind, our managed IT services offer real-time, immediate response to your demands. So, when it’s time to make a change and take the next step in your evolution, there’s no worrying about downtime. 

Then, with our reporting and proactive monitoring, we keep adding value to your scalability efforts. 

tting a very clear picture of what we can do for you. The IT-related benefits are seemingly endless, whether it’s reducing overhead, driving productivity, or saving money on reduced downtime. Plus, having us on your side gives your in-house team the space to innovate. 

Still, a partnership with us is a collaborative process, meaning we’re interested in two-way conversations. This way, we can learn about your company and provide the managed IT services most catered to your business model.

Contact us today. Together, we can take the first step in creating your managed IT plan that maximizes your tech investment. 

However, if you need more information, keep reading and learn more about our offerings. 


Our Managed IT Services in West Virginia Gives You Access to Multiple Vendors Through One Point of Contact

Recent studies found that businesses valued time at $170 per hour.

In other words, time is money.

Thus, we make a point to save your organization time wherever and whenever possible. For example, we’re a one-stop shop for a long list of vendors. 

Maintaining relationships and tracking your vendors on your own is highly time-consuming and can drain your organizational resources. Our managed IT services in Parkersburg deal with hardware and software vendors on your behalf. We know the technical nitty-gritty, advocating for your company with our expertise.

Since we familiarize ourselves with the ins and outs of your company, we also know the software and hardware best suited to your organizational needs. So, we’re able to find the most suitable equipment and software at haggled-down prices that further bolster your ROI. 


Our Managed IT Services in West Virginia Get Your Products and Services to Market Faster

Getting your products or services to market before everyone else makes you an innovator and gives you credibility amongst your target market.

Alternatively, when your time to market is slow, your competitors have an increased opportunity to lock in a competitive advantage. They get to be the trend-setters who stay at the top of your target market’s minds. 

A low speed to market means you’ll always remain behind your direct industry rivals. Even if you think of the game-changing, disruptive idea first, it’s the company that sells it first that will get the credit. You’ll forever be chasing your tail despite the forward-thinking of your in-house teams. 

With our managed IT services in Parkersburg, we bring high-speed resources to your arsenal, such as cloud computing. That makes it easier for you to get your industry-disrupting products to market before your competition. 

As a result, your organization will:

  • Boost revenue margins through all product or service categories while offsetting operational costs due to reduced time spent on projects
  • Drastically streamline internal and external product management, sourcing, buying, vendor, and quality management.
  • Have more time to familiarize and react in real-time to market trends, opening them to heightened opportunities.
  • Be perceived as an industry leader.
  • Get products to market before consumers expect, enhancing your reputation. 

Our Managed IT Services in West Virginia Offer Predictable Costs

Predictability is crucial to any business trying to create a plan and project future success.

That desire for predictability extends across all facets of your business, such as revenue or product cycles. Also, it applies to your expenses.

Our managed IT services in Parkersburg offer you clear, fixed pricing. This way, you’ll know what you’ll be spending on tech well in advance without any surprises derailing your best-laid plans. 

Repairs that would take your in-house team potentially hundreds of hours to fix are instead handled by us. 

Suppose your team is spending their days putting out fires and working on unforeseen repairs. You’d be paying for it out of pocket instead of paying them to innovate and contribute to high-value initiatives. 

Plus, beyond paying your team to fix those repairs, you’ll still probably need to pay for external parts or other outside services. After all, a lot of technology is hyper-specialized, and fixes go beyond the capabilities of an in-house team.

Partnering with our company means we absorb the repairs or replacements from top to bottom. We should also mention that this only comes into play if your system requires extensive fixing. The vast majority of the time, full-on fixes of a system or equipment are few and far between because of our comprehensive monitoring and maintenance. 

We always keep our eyes on your tech systems 24/7, so your team can keep its eyes on the prize.

It’s Not About In-House Versus Outsourcing. It’s About What’s Best for Your Organization.

We’ll say it loud and proud. Our association managed IT services Virginia, aren’t here to outshine your in-house team or detract from the hard work they do. You hired them for a reason–because these are exceptionally skilled talents who do top-notch work.

It’s just that in today’s day and age, even massive corporations with IT departments employing hundreds of people work with managed IT service providers. The tech landscape is so vast that it doesn’t make sense to lay all its facets at your in-house team’s feet.

Think about it like this: leveraging our managed IT services in West Virginia are similar to Nike paying an ad agency. Sure, Nike has its own marketing and advertising departments, but the outsourced agency takes its campaigns to a new level. We do the same for your IT team.

On the other end of the spectrum, many companies don’t have the resources for in-house teams. In which case, we can satisfy all your tech-related business needs.

With us, you can have a fully-functioning IT department and not have to pay a single salary. That means no training, no benefits, and no additional HR headaches.

No matter your business’s IT-related needs, we’ll mold our services to meet them, laying the foundation for your company’s long-term success. 


It’s Time for Your IT to Really Work for Your Business

We too often hear of IT being a headache for companies–and it doesn’t need to be like that, nor should it.

In fact, IT should be the opposite of a hassle or source of stress. Instead, your IT infrastructure should be driving your business forward and helping your organization soar to new heights.

That’s what we offer your business–we turn IT from something that keeps you guessing and sweating into a well-oiled organizational entity that drives revenues and heightens efficiency.

We’d love a chance to talk to you and hear about your business’s IT-related challenges, as well as your IT goals. Contact us today, and one of our representatives will be happy to answer your questions and learn about what makes your organization unique.