Making IT Work for You.

“We let business drive technology, not the other way around.” – Joe Sams, Owner

Biztec LLC was created for the purpose of delivering enterprise-grade IT solutions to organizations regardless of their size. With Biztec’s scalable solutions, and biz track software, and advanced features, your organization can look, feel, and compete as if it were a large corporation with utmost customer satisfaction.

Each suite of Managed IT Services comes with 24-hour, unlimited technical support at a fixed monthly cost. And as your business needs evolve, our solutions evolve. We work with you to reassess your organization’s IT needs as you grow and expand.

Managed IT or Supplemental IT: Which is right for you?

Choose from two service options, both custom designed to fit your IT needs:

  • If you have existing IT staff but prefer to keep them focused on routine, day-to-day application, we recommend our Supplemental IT Services. We’ll work in conjunction with your existing team to strategize and implement large-scale projects.

Whether you choose Managed IT or Supplemental IT Services, you’ll receive around-the-clock, dedicated IT support that includes:

Remote Monitoring & Management

Maintain client systems, track and resolve issues remotely, administer patches and install software updates, automate scheduled maintenance.

Antivirus & Patch Management

Reduce risk of cyber-attacks and increase functionality with antivirus protection and patches designed to fix software and application vulnerabilities.

Server & Desktop Support

Setup, manage, and monitor your core IT infrastructure to keep your organization running without interruption.

Cloud Services

Implement on-demand cloud service solutions such as (IaaS), (SaaS), (FaaS), and (PaaS) without having to use internal infrastructure or hardware.

Firewall & Router Support

Prevent unauthorized network access and enforce security policies. Mitigate common router issues such as address restrictions, dropped connections, and router crashes.

Application Hosting

Eliminate the need to build and maintain your own infrastructure with application hosting, which allows you to access applications anytime, anywhere via a reputable host.

Helpdesk Support

Assist users in tracking issues and troubleshooting problems. Provide overall support regarding products, services, or processes.

Microsoft Azure & Office 365

Run customized business applications and services on Microsoft-managed data center infrastructure.

Data Backup/Recovery

Backup, migrate, and restore data with hybrid storage configurations.

CMS & ERP Implementation

Manage the creation and modification of digital content while simultaneously streamlining operations, sales, and marketing processes.

24/7 Network Monitoring & Support

Proactively monitor critical networking components such as routers, firewalls, and servers to maintain and optimize their availability.