Our Data Backup/Recovery Solutions Are A Sure Thing.

Relevant data is a precious commodity for your business, and you must protect it accordingly to harness its full marketing power. However, working without IT staff or employing an IT team with limited resources puts your business at a disadvantage. Data Backup/Recovery in the case of an incident rests entirely on your small teams’ shoulders, leaving your organization vulnerable to the worst-case scenario: permanent data loss.

Conversely, Biztec’s Data Backup/Recovery solutions form a protective layer around your data, ensuring it’s safe, sound, and resilient in the face of adversity. Our hybrid storage configurations stand tall on the cutting edge of data security.

What We Do

Premier Data Storage Solutions

Since we operate using Cloud-based technology, our services at Biztec cater to your business’s unique circumstances, including its data storage needs. We’ll match the Data Backup/Recovery solution to what’s most efficient for your organization.

Seamless Data Migration

We’ll handle the entire migration of all your existing data into our Cloud-based storage locations. You and your teams can focus on core functionality while we execute a seamless systemic shift of your informational infrastructure.

Robust Security That Protects Your Data

Biztec’s security protocols are second-to-none, employing best-practice methods that keep your data safe. We use a multi-tiered approach that limits access only to verified users and nobody else. This way, no malicious actors can get their hands on your valuable data.

Immediate Data Recovery That Mitigates Downtime

Data-loss incidents are always a possibility, no matter the quality of the systems you have in place. However, with Biztec’s top-tier Data Recovery protocols and technology as part of your IT infrastructure, any lost data can be instantly recovered. Instead of scrambling for a solution in times of data loss, you can keep focusing on your work and avoid extended downtime.

Maximizing Your Data

Since you’re not paying your full-time staff to worry about Data Backup/Recovery, they can focus on what’s most important: turning your data into profit. Your team can prioritize translating and analyzing the data you collect and store. They’ll have the freedom to make connections that lead to long-term growth and market penetration.

Offer 24/7 Support

The 24/7 monitoring and support you receive from Biztec’s Managed and Supplemental IT services ensures we’ll notice and rectify any discrepancy with your data before it causes you any strife.

Data Backup & Recovery

Data Backup/Recovery Solutions Help Make Our Managed IT Solution Second To None

Data Backup/Recovery is an invaluable but comparatively small part of our list of offerings at Biztec. Our Managed and Supplemental IT services are comprehensive and all-encompassing and can help drive your business’s long-term growth.

5 Parts. 1 Sum.

Biztec applies the 5-part strategy to our Managed and Supplemental IT services. Each part combines to create 1 powerful sum: optimal efficiency for your business.