Cloud Services

Cloud Services and solutions like IaaS, SaaS, FaaS, and PaaS offer your business on-demand access to data storage, processing, web apps, and much more. This more modern service is far more flexible and convenient than traditional hosting and on-premise software.

Finding the time and resources to implement and discover the ideal cutting-edge hosting and storage service on your own can be daunting. After all, you need the appropriate solution that fits your business’s needs.

Fortunately, Biztec handles those nitty-gritty aspects of Cloud Services and solutions on your behalf. You benefit from readily accessible data, easy backups, remote work facilitation, and automatic synchronization without any of the headaches stemming from handling it on your own.

What We Do

Optimal Data Storage

The data storage capabilities of Biztec’s Cloud Services offer an unparalleled advantage to any business with an IT infrastructure. You’ll receive valuable, relevant data on an as-needed basis. Since you don’t have to store or manage this highly lucrative data, the resulting agility means your company can reach a global scale at minimal risk.

Failsafe Backup

Technology might be at its height, but there’s always the potential for disasters that lead to data loss. Biztec’s Cloud Services eliminate data-loss risks because the Cloud offers a failsafe solution for a cyber-attack, server crash, or a similar catastrophe.  

Multilayered Data Protection

The robust data backup you benefit from with Biztec’s Cloud Services is powered by a multi-tiered approach. This data-protection system includes data synchronization and restoration. Additionally, Cloud Services offer storage, archiving, top-notch security, and real-time backups.

Versatile Hosting

You can seamlessly share information via Biztec’s Cloud hosting via app hosting, email services, and even web-based phone systems. Moreover, the Cloud can host your company website while managing house domain names and databases. Also, given the offsite nature of our Cloud Services, scaling to manage peak loads is virtually effortless.

Boosting Your Return On Investment

With Biztec’s Cloud Services, you’re only paying for the features that help your business grow, increasing the chances you’ll get the desired return on your investment. You won’t pay for tools you won’t end up using. Instead, you can streamline your spending to revolve around high-value services.

Maximizing Your Uptime

After implementing Biztec’s Cloud Services, multiple servers will handle your business’s hosted site. As such, downtime is drastically reduced, so your team can work without costly disruptions.

Cloud Services

Biztec’s Cloud Services Are An Integral Part Of A Vaster Sum

On their own, Biztec’s Cloud Services can bolster your team’s efficiency, uptime, and productivity. However, they’re only one part of the broader list of our Managed and Supplemental IT Service offerings.

Five Pillars. One Aim

Our five-pillared approach to Managed and Supplemental IT Services lays the foundation for our primary goal: keeping your business online and at its most efficient.