IT Outsourcing (Biztec is your IT Department)

Reduce downtime

  • NIncrease profitability
  • NStrategic Management (CIO Level)
  • NSecurity Management
  • NDay to Day support needs
  • N24/7/365 Monitoring
  • NWorkstations support and management
  • NServer support and maintenance
  • NNetwork design and optimization
  • NBudget through a monthly fixed rate
  • NSupplement and assist your current internal IT staff 24x7x365
  • NMonitoring tools
  • NFlex with additional resources for projects


Server management is critical to an organization’s IT infrastructure.  Biztec has the expertise and tools to create an optimized and secure server environment.  The Biztec team will match the solution with the organization using technologies ranging from large onsite virtual environments to complex cloud-hosted solutions. The remote packages allow the server team to monitor patch levels, resources, and security of the servers 24x7x365.

  • NMaximize Server Uptime using Biztec’s remote monitoring tools
  • NVirtual Server Management
  • NOptimized Setup
  • NSecure Configurations
  • NPatch management


Biztec’s Cloud backup, disaster recovery as a service, and on-premise backup solutions are second to none.  The reporting provides for management of backup quality to ensure that your backups are not only done on schedule, but the copy is restorable. In addition, there are versioning options to provide for any companies retention schedule.  COPYING DATA TO AN EXTERNAL DRIVE IS NOT A VALID BACKUP SOLUTION.

  • NOffsite Storage
  • NBackup Virtual Machines
  • NDisaster Recovery as a service


Biztec is in the process are partnering with Mitel.  Mitel has a cloud-hosted phone solution.  We believe that Mitel has the name recognition, the rich features, and the ease of implementation to make it a valuable addition to our suite of services.  Because this is a cloud-based solution, it is consistent with our approach to centrally managed technology.

  • NTake your office phone anywhere
  • NUse existing infrastructure
  • NTwinning phone with cell for mobile workforce
VOIP Phones
Security Appliances_Web Email Filters


Through our partnerships with Cisco and Avast, we are able to offer a wide range of content filtering.   Biztec uses solutions for web filtering that are client-based.  This allows for content filtering on devices such as laptops when they are not connected to the customer’s network.

  • NMitigate risks for viruses, malware, spyware (email is the mode of delivery to propagate virus)
  • NIncrease employee productivity


Biztec utilizes a strategic partner to provide installation of security systems including cameras and DVR/NVR/Cloud-Based solutions.  The standard for installation is still managed and assured by Biztec personnel to maintain quality.  The implementation that we recommend is IP based cameras to utilize the existing network infrastructure.

  • NHigh-quality picture
  • NIncrease physical security
  • NUse existing network
  • NHot Spots
  • NPan Tilt Zoom
  • NNight Visibility
  • NMotion Detection
Security Cameras
Network Support


This is one of the strengths of our team.  We utilize a well vetted and carefully selected standard of equipment.  With our new installation we only recommend enterprise grade solutions.  It has been determined that the quality of equipment, while more costly up front, has a much better performance over time. The Switches, Wireless Access Points, and Routers are all available with cloud based management. Biztec is able to implement the same quality of installation for an office that has 5 devices up to several hundred.  All of our implementations have features for Power over Ethernet (PoE), Virtual Private Network (VPN) access, Virtual Local Area Network (VLAN), and many other robust features. The cloud management allows for the network team to monitor, react, and resolve issues in a proactive manner.

  • NCloud-Based Solutions for enterprise management
  • NFirewall for perimeter protection
  • NOptimized network designs to fit business needs
  • NWireless tech that is secure and safe
  • NPower over Ethernet standard
  • NQoS
  • NVPN Access


This is a staple to every support model: The support of the day to day end-user on their computer or laptop.  Biztec uses a remote help desk structure.  We have the ability to provide “all you can eat” remote support during business hours (8-5 M-F).  With the tools that we have, we can monitor the security, health, and connectivity of the users.  We are able to do most support request in this way.  We also have field support when the problem requires boots on the ground.

  • NRemote Support
  • NCloud Antivirus – Centrally monitored
  • NQuick Response Times
Desktop and End User Support
Joe Sams


The consultation services that come with this service is the best way to get an organization from using computers for tasks to a place where technology innovates processes and optimizes productivity.  In essence, this gives the small bustiness the heartbeat of what makes a large organization’s IT so efficient – a CIO/IT Director that can steer the company’s technology decisions to support the strategic vision of the company.  This includes working with vendors, coordinating services, involvement in meetings with management, and a short and long term planning.

  • NVendor Coordination
  • NSingle Point of Contact
  • NDedicated account management
  • NAlignment of IT with core business objectives
  • NMonthly/Quarterly meetings
  • NBudget
  • NIT Procurement
  • NSystem Lifecycle


If a company is building a new location or add additional wiring to your existing office, Biztec can install your infrastructure the right way.  The physical layer is often ignored.  It is important to have an organized center for your network to allow for speedy identification of issues, and to facilitate growth and changes.

  • NCAT5e
  • NCAT6, CAT6a
  • NFiber Optic
  • NCable Management
  • NRack and Closet installation
Voice and Data Cabling
Security Services


This is another area where Biztec stands out above the rest.  With our security services package, we can assure that you meet the requirements of the regulatory bodies that you are subject to, make your data secure, and provide awareness of your current security posture.  We use state of the art scanning tools, analytical techniques, and easy to understand reporting.  When we are done with the technical testing and analysis, we will provide you with a plan of action and real obtainable solutions to get you to good.  Whether it is a full security assessment, or security awareness training, Biztec Security Services is the answer.

  • NHIPAA Compliance
  • NPCI Compliance
  • NSarbanes Oxley (SOX) Compliance
  • NPenetration Scanning
  • NVulnerability Scanning
  • NSecurity Documentation
  • NConfiguration Management
  • NEvent Correlation
  • NSecurity Incident Response
  • NReporting
  • NTraining
  • NChange Management