Antivirus & Patch Management You Can Rely On

As technology grows more complex, so do the cyber-attacks and viruses created by malicious actors aiming to inflict irreparable damage on your IT infrastructure. Businesses without robust, vigilant defenses are the most vulnerable to these problems that can quickly snowball into financial disasters.

Biztec provides Antivirus & Patch Management, offering reliable protection against costly viruses and cyber-attacks. These services primarily benefit companies using tech without an in-house IT team or with IT staff whose efforts are better spent on other core functions.

What We Do

Reduce Risk of Cyber Attacks

Phishing attacks, ransomware, malware attacks, insider threats, etc., are designed to infiltrate your business’s IT infrastructure by pinpointing even the slightest security-based weak points. Biztec utilizes the latest, most cutting-edge implementations of cyber-attack protection. We flag threats the moment they arise and neutralize them before they can cost you money or data.

Increase Functionality With Antivirus Protection

Trojans, droppers, worms, and all other types of malware can damage your IT systems without you noticing before it’s too late. These are designed by savvy criminals to evade your crosshairs, slow down your tech systems and decrease functionality and your team’s productivity. Biztec’s antivirus protection prevents these issues, keeping your IT infrastructure running smoothly so your team can function at its best.

Administering As-Needed Patchwork

Protecting your IT infrastructure from security threats and virus-related dysfunction is an ongoing job that requires proactive and real-time adjustments to optimize functionality. With Biztec’s high-level patchwork, we shore up weaknesses and keep your security system updated and on the cutting edge of cyber protection.


Working In Conjunction With Your IT Team

Do you already have an in-house IT team? Biztec will work with them to design and execute Antivirus & Patch Management strategies that save you money, drive productivity, and eliminate downtime. We’ll develop systems to streamline and augment the more menial work, so your IT people can focus on what’s most important to your business.

Handling All Your Antivirus & Patch Management Needs

Don’t have an IT team? Biztec can handle all your Antivirus & Patch Management needs from top to bottom while you focus on growing your business.

Remote Monitoring & Management

Biztec provides Antivirus & Patch Management services remotely. You don’t need to wait for us to arrive at your office to fix a problem. Instead, we handle your security needs the moment there’s an issue from our remote location, further reducing potential downtime.

Antivirus & Patch Management

Managed IT Services That Suit Your Businesses Needs

Our Antivirus & Patch Management services only comprise part of Biztec’s full complement of Managed IT services. We mold these services to your business’s specific needs to provide solutions that drive functionality and scalability.

5 Uniting Goals. One Core Objective

With our five uniting goals, Biztec accomplishes our primary objective-keeping your business online and at the height of efficiency.